Fish pond business plan philippines makati

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The Indonesian billionaires behind the ‘MVP Group’

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Ring-tailed lemurs in the Berenty Reserve of Madagascar (© Steve Bloom Images/Alamy)

As the ponds produce more income with each harvest, the money will be reinvested into developing new ponds and cementing and updating the existing ponds. First harvest, with home delivery (business delivery) to customers is in two months.

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5. Fill the pond with water at an initial depth of cm after the application of organic fertilizer for a week. This would allow the growing of algae to serve as natural feed for the fish.

Growth can be observed through the greenish coloration of water. 6. Fill the pond with water to. Abundance of fresh fish in a locality can be facilitated through the construction of backyard or community fishponds.

This scheme needs low investments but the profits are high. Sizes of fishponds vary.

Fish pond business plan philippines makati
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